Can I exercise?

Don’t sweat it! Light exercise like a brisk walk for 10 minutes two times per day can still have beneficial effects!

We know what you are thinking, “exercise means I have to get moving and work up a sweat and I don’t want to because not only am I pregnant and tired all the time, but I can’t walk to the bathroom without getting out of breath.”

Ugh. That sounds pretty tiring but exercise doesn’t have to be intense. Believe us when we say light exercise like brisk walking during pregnancy can help to lower your blood sugar!

“Go on, I’m listening”

Now don’t get too excited and expect your baby to come out with a six pack… but the effects of exercise on both you and your baby will help you control blood sugars and make for an easier labor and delivery. Even a brisk 10-minute walk after meals can improve your blood sugar control. Click here to read more on the benefits of exercise

Please note that there may be reasons that women shouldn’t exercise during pregnancy and these are some things to be mindful of when you are exercising:

  1. Everyone is different. Your exercise program should be specific to your needs and abilities.
  2. Be sure to follow the recommendations of your doctor before embarking on exercise during your pregnancy. Your health care provider will guide you through this at your visits.
  3. If you develop any concerning symptoms such as pain, cramping, dizziness, or shortness of breath, please notify your healthcare provider.

Here are some general gold standard guidelines for exercise in pregnancy based on the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology:

Exercise Guidelines
The best part about taking a look at the site before your GDM class or visit to your healthcare provider is that you can now go into your visit feeling more prepared.

Check out these resources for exercising while pregnant: